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Are you a spelling bee?
Well, to be honest I am not.

Do you know much about Poisson Probabilities?
Well, I have to. Wink

Here is how these 2 are related:
The odds of me making a typo when looking for VideoGamer.Com's coverage on Skyrim (aka The Elder Scrolls V) can be described using Poisson Probabilities.
Nah, I won't tell you how, simply because you are not here for that. Most likely, your curiosity brought you here to see what we have been cooking recently.

This is a little, but rather nice addition to our searching algorithms*.
Whenever you make a typo in your search input, we will try to "fix it" for you. We even suggest you a more likely search term, so you don't have to give a bother fixing up the mistake.
This means, if you are at least close to typing what you want (no, we will not offer you 'women' for free when looking for 'beer'), you are less likely to end up without at least a suggestion.

Go ahead, try it, search for sykrim, stab wars, football manger or just use the search box at the top right corner as you do usually.

Thanks for reading,
Be sure to hang around to get informed about the latest and greatest additions to VideoGamer.Com.

Until next time,

* Complex and for most rather boring stuff that could be described best as making decisions using learned set of rules if computers would have a brain, but no, they do not have one. Really.


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