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a blog by Editors christen my blog with LOLCATS!!! Also FIRST, I think I may be the quickest off the mark with my blog. Thus making me the best member of staff. Winwin! (Edit. I wrote this a few hours ago, and since then Jamin and Emily have beaten me, lame)

If you haven't already seen Big Tom's introductory post then have a quick look here.

So yeah, the blogs are here, something I thought I would never have or for that matter be bothered to use. Well that was until they said I could post whatever the hell I like. So let’s get down to business. In this blog, I coooooooould talk about games......


I could show you my two favourite Lolcats of all time!
Force Field Cat

Bridge Cat

I'm not sure which I like more, force field cat or bridge cat. Anyone else prefer one over the other? I'm kinda leaning towards force field cat.

Fair Warning Alert – In the months to come, don't expect gloriously written paragraphs as displayed by other members of staff, I don't quite have the extravagant words or the brain power required to achieve that. Do expect pointless twaddle. <(^_^)>


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SexyJams's Avatar


I actually can't wait for more blog posts from you Tom.
Screw what everyone says, you're not a massive idiot who has the IQ of an Essex whore. You're brilliant. :)
Posted 22:43 on 23 September 2011
MrHEWBO's Avatar


pointless twaddle eh? THAT'S MY FAVOURITE KIND
Posted 17:31 on 16 September 2011
Woffls's Avatar


Click for Image

Posted 15:03 on 16 September 2011
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


This wins best first blog post award for me. LOOK AT BRIDGE CAT GO!
Posted 14:57 on 16 September 2011