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I love video games, but don't play them anymore. The last games I played were Heavy Rain and the now dead Football Manager Live - strictly speaking it was SingStar Disney but that doesn't count - and whilst I enjoyed them immensely (in FML's case I had a slight addiction) I have no desire to pick up any of this year's must have titles.

As a kid I spent all my free time either down at the snooker halls or playing games with my brother Tom. My skills even made their way into a Nintendo 64 magazine for a fast time on Koopa Troopa Beach time trial with Toad, and I had the highest Wave Race 64 stunt score at Dolphin Park of anyone I knew.

This progressed into the need to have all the latest games first, importing a Japanese PS2, Japanese GameCube and North American Xbox.

Years of reporting everything the video game industry has to offer has left me with an encyclopaedic knowledge of games, yet I'm more than happy to enjoy gaming without getting my hands dirty on a grubby controller. I'm excited by the prospect of Modern Warfare 3, Uncharted 3, Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, but don't see myself spending more than a few minutes - if that - with each of them. Likewise I was hugely impressed by the PS Vita at gamescom and will be genuinely excited when our units turn up at the office, but won't be buying one.

I've also encountered a rather embarrassing problem when made to play real games. At gamescom this year I had to check out Halo: CE Anniversary - a game I competed 10 years ago - but was utterly humiliated in front of my peers by gaining just a single kill in deathmatch. Likewise, it took me a good 15 minutes to shoot down a helicopter pilot in Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 (I know I was rubbish despite the best efforts of the lovely developer who insisted I was doing great!), and last year I had to hand the controller back to a Dead Space 2 dev after being unable to decide if I played with inverted controls.

So that's me, an avid fan of video games, but not a gamer. So look forward to blog posts about gaming, blog posts about things other than gaming, but almost certainly never blog posts about me actually playing a game.

And seeing as Gary Barlow is super popular again, I'll leave you with this vaguely suitable track from Take That.


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SexyJams's Avatar


You're still my secret favourite, and always will be ;)
Posted 22:41 on 23 September 2011
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Use the boost to get through!
Posted 11:33 on 19 September 2011
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FIRST! here is your comment James.
Posted 09:52 on 19 September 2011