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by Jozsef Rekedt-Nagy

Hello everyone out there!
For those (all but 2) of you not having a clue of who am I, let me briefly introduce myself.

Long ago I was given the name Jozsef (strict translation to English yields 'Joe') by my mighty parents on the shiny day I have chosen to arrive to this world (yes, it was an early-birthgiving). This all happened in the darker but (mostly) civilized corner of Europe people refer to as Hungary.
Hungary is well known for Goulash, The Golden Team and among other things its fabulous girls.

Not knowing my ultimate destiny back then, I've gone through all the fun and pain experience of college and then ended up graduating from the #1 geek University in Hungary in Computer Science with a shiny masters degree (MSC).

Straight after the very first years spent on various projects in the industry (and on sidetracks) I was introduced to Pro-G Media.
(In case you die for geeky stuff, head over to my Linkedin profile where you shall find loads more of these fancy bits:

Since then, it's pure history:
In 1 month of time this will be my 5th year working at Pro-G Media as 'Lead Developer'.
When you get it translated to 'human language' it reads as: 'super-exciting stuff that most people fine utterly boring'.
Frankly, as long as the site is up and running, you are safe to assume we are doing a good job in the background. Once it gets choppy or simply does not work, we -backend people- are definitely the ones to blame!
Sounds like the worst job on planet right? It is actually pretty kewl!

Scaling a product to serve 10s of millions of pages, or just millions of people every month ensures we never get bored while working on the 'next big boom' in parallel.

If you have read all through this, here is your bounty in return:
As we always encourage feedback from our Users Readers, I do ask you to submit any of your comments and suggestions regarding the site -please don't be shy-, and I personally grant that it will get answered.

More than that, is there anything you would like to see on VideoGamer.Com that's unique, and is the idea of yours?
Share it (via contact form, or even PM me if you like) and if it qualifies I'll make sure to hand out something special for you. Smile

Thanks for reading,
in the next post I will flash some light on a neat search feature of ours.




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