Football Manager Classic 2014 Review

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Posted 3:23pm on Thu 10 April 2014
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Football Manager Classic 2014 Review
A poor substitute.

Read Football Manager Classic 2014 Review
Posted 3:23pm on Thu 10 April 2014
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Well that's made my mind up over what I buy out of this and Final Fantasy 14 (PS4).

Will pick it up when it's cheap and patched.
Posted 3:42pm on Thu 10 April 2014
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Bit of shame really, was hoping that this would be a good port :/
Posted 10:28pm on Thu 10 April 2014
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How many leagues are you running at once ? They have stated in interviews to keep it to a minimum to help speed issues, not what everyone wants but that might be the problem here...
Posted 9:56pm on Fri 11 April 2014
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How am I supposed to make a judgement on performance based on your comparison with an i5 PC? I might has well compare your PC game to mine which is running on a water cooled i7 with a GTX 770 graphics card & come to the conclusion that the PC version must be avoided for all but high end machines because your PC performed poorly by comparison.

TBH this review is of no help to me because it is lacking any real content & comes across as if you failed to consider the hardware you were using, is this a good Vita game? All I know from this review is that unsurprisingly the PC game runs quicker.
Posted 1:55pm on Sat 12 April 2014
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Having got this yesterday and played it for a few hours, I have to say I disagree with most of the review. Everyone's opinion will be different, but I can't say I'd level many of the same criticisms at the game as this review does.

Small font size? It looked fine to me, and my eyesight is hardly the best. "Incredibly" slow is harsh. Setting up takes a while, but then it does on the PC version too, the Vita version just takes longer - since you only have to do the set up once per game, I don't even see how it's really an issue.

What I will say is the match speed, even on very fast, is slow. It seems to take a few seconds for each minute to pass compared to 1-2 seconds, if that, on PC. I hope that's something they'll improve. General game speed seems to be fine.

They need to improve the save functionality, since my save game appears to be 107MB in size, which is absurd.

User interface not translating to the Vita, I again disagree with. It's the familiar FM interface, which long time players will be used to, adapted for the Vita. It fits well, although the small screen does make the formation and tactics screens a bit cramped. The only aspect I don't like is the giant "^ R ^" label telling you the menu can be expanded and closed using the R button, it'd be useful if this didn't show up all the time but just the first few times you press the button.

This quote "As a test, I ran a match on both the Vita and mid-range i5 PC with 6GB RAM" - I'm not even sure where to start with. Last time I checked the Vita doesn't feature either an i5 processor or 6GB of RAM, so the comparison is irrelevant.

In the end I think this review misses one of the main points of the game in the first place, that of being able to quickly jump between the PC and Vita versions and carry on the game where you left off. That's pretty much the whole point of the game, although it can quite happily be played entirely on the Vita.

Lastly, I'm surprised this qualifies as a full review, it's only 4 paragraphs long. Looking at the page I assumed it was one of those multi-page articles where you have to click through each page so the site gets some ad revenue, but no. The article is just incredibly short.
Posted 10:11am on Thu 17 April 2014
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I'm close to the end of the half way mark in my first season and I would say I am pretty much in agreement with PaulLFC.

My main issue is with coming from FM Handheld, it was a little overwhelming and the instruction manual (physical and digital) isn't of great value to a newcomer. But I'm getting there now and not lost a league game yet after a dismal pre-season.

I've not had an issue with font size at all but it does seem to be getting universally criticised for this.

UI takes a little getting used to but I find the touchscreen easier to use than the equivalent on FM Handheld. PSP Handheld version trumps the touchscreen variants though.

The speed is slower than I'm used to on Handheld but I've not found it to be that much of an issue.

Overall I'm rather enjoying it... wouldn't feel the same if my team was losing all the time no doubt.
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