ArmA: Armed Assault Cheats for PC

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Posted 6:25pm on Mon 7 April 2008
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ArmA: Armed Assault Cheats for PC
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Posted 6:25pm on Mon 7 April 2008
Franchwa Koen
Posted 6:49pm on Wed 14 May 2008
God Mode HOW TO 1.Unpack "bin.pbo" by cpbo. 2.You will find "confing.bin" in folder, and unpack it by unrap. 3.It will make editable "config.ccp". "config.ccp" and find Descriptions "myArmorCoef" and "groupArmorCoef". 5.Edit value such as "999999" and save. 6.Delete "config.bin" and repack folder by cpbo. NOTE:Back up original "bin.pbo". It's done.
Posted 1:21am on Sat 31 May 2008
Posted 5:53pm on Sun 31 August 2008
Why won't it work in 1.14? This angers me greatly, as it worked with a few bugs in 1.08, except sometimes the mission's guns failed to appear.

I'm talking about Santa's way to do it. Help would be appreciated.
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