Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport Cheats for PC

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Posted 4:09pm on Fri 2 June 2006
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Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport Cheats for PC
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Posted 4:10pm on Fri 2 June 2006
    I don't have a bet on soldier\mods\bos\script directory nor do I have a globals.lua file anywhere on my system.
    Posted 1:30pm on Sun 11 February 2007
      i think that you might have the aussie version like me cause i dont have that file at all
      Posted 10:57pm on Thu 28 June 2007
        i have the English UK version and i have the same problem, if only there was a Trainer, lol
        Posted 1:06am on Sun 23 March 2008
          !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---- READ THIS ------ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
          I have been searching for this "global.lua" file on and off for about two days, the only thing in my B.O.S. directory that is remotely close to this is "script.ktp" and upon trying to open it with a text editor all I see is random characters. I have seen this "cheat" on about a dozen websites. it is FAKE. since there is NO SCRIPT folder and NOT GLOBAL.LUA file anywhere in the B.O.S. directory. Save yourself some time, and either learn to play the game better - good luck on that one - or uninstall it, and sell it for fifty cents at the next garage sale you see. Happy Gaming
          Posted 2:12pm on Mon 9 June 2008
            My directory has a Globals.lua file. Can't think why so many othr peoples doesn't appear.

            Maybe your system set it as a hidden folder?

            Either way, I concur that the cheat is fake...I've edited the file as required, but I still die. Which kinda sucks.
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