Eragon Cheats for PC

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Posted 4:55pm on Sun 6 May 2007
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Eragon Cheats for PC
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Posted 4:55pm on Sun 6 May 2007
    Please hlp me im new
    how do i get mi egg to hatch or watever its suposed to do?
    Posted 1:55pm on Fri 7 March 2008
      thenk you
      Posted 7:10am on Tue 20 May 2008
        great site
        Posted 6:11pm on Wed 16 July 2008
          SOMEONE PLEASE HELP, it is impossible to get the 4 doves, i cant even get one, can someone please help me, how do i catch them, i steer saphira close enough and the dove just flies up and over or under saphira, i can't catch them, can someone tell me how, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Posted 1:01pm on Wed 23 July 2008
            i only got 3 I CANT GET THE FOURTH it took me like a half hour to get 2!!!
            Posted 12:39pm on Sat 26 July 2008
              i am not able 2 get any of the doves, no matter wat i do.........
              Posted 6:54pm on Tue 5 August 2008
                how in the world do you catch the 4 doves, it takes wayyyyy too long to get 1 dove, how do you get all four?????????
                Posted 6:33pm on Tue 12 August 2008
                  can someone tell me how to catch the 4 stupid doves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  Posted 5:25am on Sun 17 August 2008
                    thu savegame don"t work neither duse thu +2 trainer
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