Flushed Away Cheats for PS2

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Posted 6:02pm on Sun 28 January 2007
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Flushed Away Cheats for PS2
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Posted 6:02pm on Sun 28 January 2007
    all your cheats are wrong
    Posted 10:06pm on Sun 11 March 2007
      need help with flushed away game
      Posted 6:58pm on Tue 12 February 2008
        how do you get numbers on your cheats?
        Posted 3:39pm on Sun 17 February 2008
          these cheats dont work anyway no wonder why it is a bad game i will sell forĀ£5.45
          Posted 5:43pm on Wed 20 February 2008
            look i know what i said was bad but it does not work i need to unlock the hole game to be complted
            Posted 5:48pm on Sat 1 March 2008
              Posted 10:13am on Fri 14 March 2008
                I can catch all the flies easy but what do you have to do to unlock the hole and what is the Picadily
                Posted 1:19am on Sat 15 March 2008
                  i cant finnish the abstickal coruse

                  Posted 3:12pm on Sat 15 March 2008
                    you no on rita i done up to the sewrers i stuck can enybodyy help!
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