Gran Turismo 3 Cheats for PS2

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Posted 12:21pm on Wed 9 May 2007
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Gran Turismo 3 Cheats for PS2
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Posted 12:22pm on Wed 9 May 2007
Pat H
    Someone tell me what sim mode is in Gran Turismo 3 A Spec for PS2? Cos I dont know and Im going nuts!
    Posted 12:24pm on Wed 9 May 2007
    Pat H
      I have a cheat that says for Gran Turismo 3 A Spec PS2 in sim mode and gives a number of actions to enter for loads of money.

      But im stuck and dont understand where sim mode is supposed to be......?

      H E L P!!!


      Posted 6:29am on Mon 25 February 2008
      Speed overload
        When pulling the wheelie code using the Escudo Pikes Peak version the car can go over 800 Mph as stated before, but I have reached a speed of " 1541.6 !! " Mph.(basically mach 2!). In order to do this trick use the settings in the
        1.Equip highest turbo.
        2.Set spring rate to smallest for front and rear.
        3.Set ride height to smallest for front and rear.
        4.Set gear ratio's auto setting to highest possible level.
        5.Set gear ratio's final gear to 3.000
        6.Set front downforce to lowest and rear downforce to highest
        7.Set ASM and TCS to level 0
        as you might have already known.
        Then when going to the test track go the reverse way around and stop just over half way through the first turn. Floor it and try to make it out of the turn at at least 240 Mph. If done correctly, by the end of the strait away congratulations, you have just doubled the speed of sound!!
        Posted 6:25pm on Tue 24 February 2009
          this game sucks
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