Heroes of Might and Magic V Cheats for PC

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Posted 11:50pm on Sat 8 July 2006
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Heroes of Might and Magic V Cheats for PC
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Posted 11:50pm on Sat 8 July 2006
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it's a very nice game..:D
Posted 10:36pm on Sat 25 August 2007
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i can win this game
so cool so easy
Posted 11:21am on Tue 2 October 2007
it dosant work for mine some reason?
this is wat i do:
i go into note pad, Open my games in my documents, click on heroes of might and magic V, go into profiles, it games up with my profile name and if i click on thatit goes into saves, then nothing wat do i do?
Posted 7:34am on Thu 17 April 2008
I can't edit autoexe.cfg: I'm writing the line at the bottom but it is not saved, when I open it with word pad the last line is not there
Posted 3:49pm on Mon 16 June 2008
Stefan, that is because you're supposed to be using Notepad.
Posted 5:10pm on Wed 18 June 2008
I want to unlock all levels in campaign but i dont now how you got to do it..
What do I do?
Posted 8:15pm on Mon 18 August 2008
umm i have other name i not have the name autoexec.cfg so i gues that why its not work for me when i chaing it to setvar dev_console_password = schwinge-des-todes so i cant log in the game that dem fack kk
Posted 6:45pm on Sun 31 August 2008
Hey! It Doesn't work.. It said on Heroes Of Might And Magic "Usage: add_army 5,5
Replace current hero army by all creatures in nTownid"
Posted 3:20am on Wed 17 September 2008
Yo JimmyS1 ...
When you do add_army cheat it is supposed to go like this ...
exmpl: since you want inferno creatures hence town id 5 you write
add_army 5, 1

The 1 stands for upgraded units.
If you put a 0 you get standard units. exmpl: 0=Angel 1=Archangel

So when you type in:
add_army 5, 1
You should get all of the second tier creatures of inferno.
For a town reference number ID u can look at the above

Just remember
never put anything other then 0 or 1 since anything else wont be reqognized by the system ..
Good luck mate
Hope that was usefull
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