Heroes of Might & Magic V: Tribes of the East Cheats for PC

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Posted 10:14am on Sat 3 November 2007
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Heroes of Might & Magic V: Tribes of the East Cheats for PC
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Posted 10:14am on Sat 3 November 2007
    The cheat that's reported not work.
    False cheat
    Posted 11:11am on Tue 6 November 2007
      Cheat doesen't work to me either!!!!
      Posted 1:59pm on Tue 13 November 2007
        1.) C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Heroes of Might and Magic V - Tribes of the East\profiles
        2.) C:\Documents and Settings\#####\My Documents\My Games\Heroes of Might and Magic V - Tribes of the East\Profiles
        3.) bind show_console '`'
        (NOTE: Make sure you use TAB....DO NOT USE SPACE!!)
        4.) setvar dev_console_password = schwinge-des-todes

        OK! The first is your main directory. The second is your save directory and where your personal profiles go. I think the ones in the main directory are simply "default" like in oblivion.
        For the second one, replace "#####" with your windows username.
        The third and fourth are both the things you will by copying into the files.
        We Will start with #1, so copy the address, change the driver letter, and paste it into your windows explorer (unless you are on linux, in which case, you're on your own!)

        Now that your directory is open, copy #3 from the list above and open up a file called "input_a2" inside the default_profile subdirectory. Scroll down a little and paste the bind on a new line under the console section. Close and Save. 1 down...
        Copy #4 from the list above and open up file "user_a2" in the same place. Paste #4 on a new line. Close and Save. 2 down...
        Click BACK once to return to the profiles folder. Open up file "autoexec_a2" and go to the bottom of the file. You will see a bunch of "==========" DO NOT PUT IT UNDER THAT! Stay above that. On the empty line after the default_exception_report, paste #4. Leave an empty line or two after it. Close and save. 3 down...
        In the same folder, open up file "start" and paste line #4 into the next empty line. Close and save. 4 down...

        next we head over to the other directory so copy #2 into your explorer address bar. Make sure you change ##### with your username for windows. For example, my username is simply "user" so instead of ##### I put just "user". Also make sure you are going to your drive. My drive letter is G, so I would change C:\ to G:\
        easy as pie

        Now inside that folder click on your profile. it will be named whatever you called yourself in the game. Mine is "Talus".
        Open up the file called "input_a2" and add #3 in the console section just like you did before.
        Next, Open up "user_a2" and add #4 on the next empty line.

        Note: When you add something to one of those game generated files, it will remain there after you continue gaming.. it will just be sorted alphabetically by the next time you look at it. So for example, mine is no longer on the bottom line, it is somewhere near the top.

        By the way, incase you haven't noticed by now... You're all done! Yep, You can go. All the cheats are the same as before.

        Note: Inside the "Editor Documentation" folder, there is a list of cheats! Thank you UbiSoft. However, if you played the previous HoM&M games, the cheats are the same as they are for those games.
        Posted 3:04pm on Mon 4 February 2008
          working fine..also add_army is good, comes with explanation in game
          Posted 3:44am on Fri 8 February 2008
            Works fine with the codes @AddHeroCreatures("HeroName",Monster #,#)

            and other codes like that ;)

            The cheat to have the console DOES WORK ;)
            Posted 2:38pm on Sun 10 February 2008
            @Dragons( )
              doesn't work.... such name is completely unrecognized
              Posted 11:55am on Fri 15 February 2008
                its working fine 2me
                Posted 11:57am on Mon 25 February 2008
                  why i cant open console while i play it??
                  Posted 2:56am on Tue 26 February 2008
                    everything cheats work very good. i reached the next level by Gotai
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