Jaws Unleashed Cheats for PC

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Posted 3:55pm on Mon 30 October 2006
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Jaws Unleashed Cheats for PC
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Posted 3:55pm on Mon 30 October 2006
    Posted 3:11am on Tue 29 May 2007
      Trainer (zt-jl is in that jawstrn6.zip, btw)
      Unlimited Health, 10x Points, Unlimited Hunger, Speed Modifier, One Hit Kill Bosses, Save/Restore Position
      (Plus I am using AutoHotKey to control the cheats and setup lots of locking and speed-control keys.)
      * But I will need Appaloosa's help or their console-commands to to really do things RIGHT! * ;)
      Posted 2:20pm on Sun 8 June 2008
      christopher da
        because it is cool
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