Kingdom Hearts Cheats for PS2

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Posted 2:31am on Wed 18 October 2006
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Kingdom Hearts Cheats for PS2
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Posted 2:32am on Wed 18 October 2006
    go to deep jungle level and in front of tent you will find white musrooms just use magic on them and youll get mystery goo
    Posted 6:32pm on Sun 15 April 2007
      gave up on this after i fought evil


      spirit in riku then kairi took me 2 traverse town i was bord of levlin ;)

      *end spoiler*

      so i went onto kh ii which was much better ie storyline wise n levlin wise ps luvin roxas!!!
      Posted 3:15pm on Fri 27 April 2007
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      login whheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
      Posted 12:43am on Fri 10 October 2008
        the rates at which u lvl up are not fast/medium/slow. they are fast till lvl 50, then slow/medium throughout/slow til lvl 50, then fast.
        Posted 4:51pm on Sun 15 February 2009
          lol hey this game is on PC ? i need on ps2 cheats i no have on PS2 numbers :-/ :-(
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