Mega Man ZX Cheats for DS

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Posted 6:02am on Mon 22 October 2007
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Mega Man ZX Cheats for DS
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Posted 6:02am on Mon 22 October 2007
    when you use the megaman modifier codes to switch between X,Zx,Hx,Fx,Lx,Px, and Ox don't press (B).

    e.g.(your Zx and you want Ox so you press the X botton so you can switch to that biometal don't press the B botton while highlighting another form exept Zx or else the game will freeze instintly)
    Posted 4:08am on Sun 10 February 2008
      can you beat the game then go back and battle model ox and still get the rock you need on easy mode
      Posted 3:37am on Sun 18 May 2008
        no, only on normall and hard
        Posted 5:15am on Mon 7 July 2008
          Is there a way to change the moon jump cheat so that when you change the controls in-game, the moonjump button would also be moved to the assigned button?

          for example: jump is button b, and moonjump is also button b, is there a way so that if i change jump to button r and moonjump will also become button r?
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