Pokemon Colosseum Cheats for GameCube

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Posted 3:11am on Sun 10 September 2006
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Pokemon Colosseum Cheats for GameCube
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Posted 3:12am on Sun 10 September 2006
i meen how do you get them i have verset entie but he fled that sux
Posted 5:39am on Sat 29 November 2008
Um... is there such a thing as an Action Replay for the GC? o.o I've never heard of it....
Posted 11:40pm on Fri 26 December 2008
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no but i think there is some cheat thing for it

hello?is anyone here

ahh i can't get passed this stupid part.AAHHHHH it's when u get the casino place toware u can battle pokemon to get tm's i passed that but now what do i do somebody plz help me pweees
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