Quake 4 Cheats for Xbox 360

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Posted 2:17pm on Mon 31 July 2006
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Quake 4 Cheats for Xbox 360
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Posted 2:17pm on Mon 31 July 2006
I follow the instructions (press back then type the code in) but it never works. So im i pressing the d pad too slowly or quickly or doesn't it matter. And are you sure that its the back button you press not the start button or something else? They are good codes though.
Posted 7:05pm on Sat 11 August 2007
it aint workin for me either im doing exactly as they say someone respond quickly please or email me at LZ7_rock@hotmail.co.uk with the response
Posted 9:00pm on Mon 1 October 2007
i had the same problem but i found if you do them fairly quickly but not too fast then they work but i havent been able to get invincibilty to work yet
Posted 3:57pm on Thu 16 October 2008
I can't get any of these cheats to work.Why would they make it so hard to input them ?.These are left by the programmers after all.Tired of people posting fake cheats.
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