Ratatouille Cheats for PC

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Posted 10:33pm on Mon 10 September 2007
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Ratatouille Cheats for PC
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Posted 10:33pm on Mon 10 September 2007
    In the game, at the beginging it says to hit the context move button to climb the fish net, I don't have one! I can not play this game any further and am getting upset! Please help!!!!
    Posted 6:07am on Sat 29 September 2007
      the context move button is the action button - default 'G'. the program continues to mention the 'context move button' throught the game.
      Posted 2:50pm on Fri 9 November 2007
        when you guys get to the level when you've gone past the dog and cats i need help!!! i keep jumpin on the balloon to get to the ladders but i can't get up them plz help!!
        Posted 10:55pm on Wed 6 February 2008
          when i get to the soupy assistance stage none of the buttons seem to do anything, including the arrow keys that are supposed to choose the ingredients. is something wrong or is it me?
          Posted 7:04pm on Sun 6 April 2008
            I will never be able to move fast enough to get 3 rats free with thieir food after they have opened the door of the cooler. There are 4 moves of the up,down,left,right keys that come at you at lighting speed...any ideas?
            Posted 8:58am on Sun 27 April 2008
              w,a,s, and d are substituted for the arrow keys. ratatouille is a wicked game.
              Posted 2:26am on Sun 24 August 2008
                what does defualt g mean
                its not on the keyboard
                Posted 9:40pm on Wed 19 November 2008
                  default g is a character between f and h.
                  Posted 8:24pm on Sat 27 December 2008
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                  Can you help me. I am playing the game Ratatouille for PC but I stoped. In the city of lights I do not know how to scare the dog. I see the bone but how to get there?
                  Please help.
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