Red Steel Cheats for Wii

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Posted 4:35am on Tue 13 February 2007
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Red Steel Cheats for Wii
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Posted 4:35am on Tue 13 February 2007
help me plz
i need help....i dont know how to get through the locked door type thing in the angels heaven one or something (the spa one)
Posted 5:50am on Mon 25 August 2008
hellllp meeee!
I don't know how to get on the railcarts that go to the the level with the boss of gaming...the manhunt..
Posted 5:53pm on Tue 24 February 2009
elliott sheppa
i think it is really cool and amazing so can i have some cheats because im stuck
Posted 2:15am on Thu 26 August 2010
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Is there are button cheats like ABABALEFTRIGHT???
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