Ridge Racer 2 Cheats for PSP

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Posted 12:26pm on Sun 25 March 2007
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Ridge Racer 2 Cheats for PSP
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Posted 12:26pm on Sun 25 March 2007
Thanks for the save mate, I was stuck on the first tour lol.
Posted 4:56am on Thu 20 March 2008
anyone got any cheats for psp ridge racer 2? i can't beat the ute that has the loud as engine, i did eventually but then i couldn't use it
Posted 4:52pm on Tue 15 April 2008
is there a cheat for unlimited nitrous?
Posted 2:52am on Mon 29 September 2008
haz 29
does anyone know any cheats 4 ridgeracer 2 on psp
Posted 1:25am on Wed 24 December 2008
how do you work this thing? do you just put it in saved files? I cant get it to work... anybody tell me...
Posted 2:29am on Mon 29 December 2008
I would like to play all psp games
Posted 6:34am on Wed 4 March 2009
oh man,e max tour is so damn hard,i cant beat,any way to beat them??
Posted 9:34pm on Mon 3 October 2011
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I need also help for the Max Tour. Can't beat them
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