Sparta - Ancient Wars Cheats for PC

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Posted 2:52am on Mon 3 September 2007
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Sparta - Ancient Wars Cheats for PC
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Posted 2:52am on Mon 3 September 2007
umm yaa...
y this is exactly wut it says after i type in wut u said to type in at local.ini.
"Canot creat the C:/ program files/playlogic/ancient wars-sparta/sparta/local.ini file. Make sure that the path and file name are correct. ya so how can i get the cheats dumbass
Posted 9:18am on Sat 9 February 2008
just wondering what do you mean with presing [~] what is this ??
is it the messegge to send others ?
Posted 8:01pm on Tue 27 May 2008
dont work
Posted 2:52am on Sat 31 May 2008
Ermmm This Does Work Fine And [~] THAT Is The Tilde Key Under Your Escape Button....... Thank You For Finding These Cheats KOTLIFE!.............. Destiny-Gaming Media Thanks You!
Posted 10:49am on Mon 18 August 2008
cant find the file
Posted 6:20pm on Thu 25 December 2008
dumass no local.ini file
Posted 3:37pm on Wed 21 January 2009
do u just type the those cheats in just like that or is there anythin i have to add
Posted 6:54pm on Wed 4 February 2009
don work cant creat the file why????
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