The Movies Cheats for PC

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Posted 5:27am on Fri 29 December 2006
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The Movies Cheats for PC
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Posted 5:27am on Fri 29 December 2006
how do i get alot of money and fast?!
Posted 1:04am on Sun 2 March 2008
Make movies duh
the name does give it away..
Posted 5:17pm on Sat 8 March 2008
Posted 10:00pm on Tue 20 May 2008
Jerzey Player
How do I get money obviously fast, but without having to make movies. Movies take a while to make and I need the money NOW. So can anyone help me?

; )
Posted 3:43pm on Sat 24 May 2008
you know the UNLOCKING.ini file?

how can i access it in Vista ?
Posted 8:25pm on Wed 4 June 2008
Help... I cant access the unlocking.ini file in vista either gerd.
Posted 6:27am on Thu 10 July 2008
Dude's sumtimes i watch movie on the movies online they can write stuff like subtitle's and words on the screen how can i do that it's so confusing
Posted 6:28am on Thu 10 July 2008
A Movie on the movies *
Posted 9:09am on Wed 24 September 2008
ive choosed the game that i have to make the movies normal, not fast. So i made a reallly big movie (about 200 scenes) and now it takes me so much time to shoot it that im in the middle and all the "young guys" of my movie are about 70 years old! :S So i was wonder if you could give me a cheat i could use to shoot a movie immidietly, if i dont chose that again when the movie beggins
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