The Sims 2 Cheats for Xbox

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Posted 5:27pm on Sat 1 April 2006
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The Sims 2 Cheats for Xbox
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Posted 10:41pm on Sat 27 January 2007
    how do u? and what dose L,R,Y mean? where on the controller are they? How do u use white & black without changing sims
    Posted 3:17am on Sat 17 February 2007
    some one
      what does development team picture do
      Posted 1:11am on Tue 3 April 2007
        lefttrigger is L righttrigger R and Y is the yellow button at the top
        Posted 12:56am on Sat 14 April 2007
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        when useing cheats how do you use the black and white buttens without changeing sims????????what do i do press start???????
        Posted 3:15am on Wed 13 June 2007
          Yeah, what DOES development team picute do??
          Posted 3:16am on Wed 13 June 2007
            Posted 9:05am on Sat 7 July 2007
              the cheat gnome wont show up when i enter the code?
              Posted 7:02am on Sat 29 March 2008
                can someone plz tel me how to enter the cheats i dont get it :(
                Posted 7:38pm on Fri 30 May 2008
                  Yes PLEASE! someone how do you enter the cheats? i try'd entering them during gameplay but it doesnt work? Anyone help please!
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