The Sims Pet Stories Cheats for PC

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Posted 2:54pm on Thu 19 July 2007
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The Sims Pet Stories Cheats for PC
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Posted 2:54pm on Thu 19 July 2007
    how do u put groceries in the fridge
    Posted 8:04pm on Wed 25 July 2007
      when you buy them from the grocers or order them, they go in your fridge automaticlly.
      Posted 1:29am on Sat 4 August 2007
        I need cheats and Fast!!!!!
        Posted 3:55pm on Sat 4 August 2007
        cold stone
          how can you go to another house besides happys hideout the park and the others
          Posted 11:24pm on Mon 6 August 2007
            in the normal sims 2 u can improve their moods but i cant find any cheats to improve my sims mood for the sims pet stories!! grrr getting fustrated.
            Posted 7:51pm on Tue 14 August 2007
            i luv harry
              it might work if use the same cheats to increase the mood as you did in the original version, try it, cuz it works with the money...
              Posted 5:36pm on Sun 19 August 2007
                no special cheats for pet stories, ***
                some of 'em work, some don't
                motherlode does, expand does too...
                but all useful ones don't!
                Posted 4:07am on Wed 12 September 2007
                  i need to know how too get free mode
                  Posted 9:34pm on Fri 12 October 2007
                    I have the sims pet sories, and I'm really confused, I'm at the part where you have to sign u for the dog how a 'park for precious' and when i ty to sign up at the table thing, There are no actions, I tried training sam to go over the A thing, but when the tube i nearly full,alice says she doesnt know enough, help..?
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