UFO: Afterlight Cheats for PC

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Posted 6:03pm on Fri 23 February 2007
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UFO: Afterlight Cheats for PC
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Posted 6:03pm on Fri 23 February 2007
    Can anyone help me plz,cant open console window in game,...
    Posted 2:22pm on Thu 1 March 2007
      Same here.
      Posted 2:45am on Fri 2 March 2007
        wrong key I get the console using '

        not sure if it helped but I also added the line

        STRUCT "game"
        STRUCT "strat"
        STRUCT "editor"
        GKEY 192 "startInGameMode" BOOL TRUE
        GKEY 192 "enable_system_console" BOOL TRUE

        to the Options.cfg for the profile should be in the

        C:\Program Files\CENEGA\UFO Afterlight\Profiles\ Options.cfg

        remember to backup the file before you change it
        Posted 7:13am on Sat 28 July 2007
          consol not appear in ufo after light version 1.5. Only in version 1.4 can appear. If somebody can activate the console in ufo afterlight 1.5, tell me...
          Posted 5:29am on Thu 15 January 2009
            impossible i tryed all :/
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