Battlefield 2 Freezing Problems?

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Posted 10:53am on Wed 22 August 2012
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Battlefield 2 Freezing Problems?
Hi, i have just installed windows 7 64bit on my computer, it used to have xp sp3 and the game ran fine. My specs are WAY more than enough for the game.

My problem is that when i play battlefield 2, after around 20-30 minutes the game will lock up and my whole computer will just lock up too, the only way to get back into windows is by pressing the power button on my computer.

I have tried, updating punkbuster to newest (1.7), putting on the 1.5 patch, clearing cache from the bf2 folders. Nothing seems to work.

If anyone could help me, it would be much appreciated.


p.s. My internet speed is 12mb/s and my ping is 20-40
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