Bravely Default: Flying Fairy | Chaugmar Boss Help?

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Posted 10:45pm on Wed 1 January 2014
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Bravely Default: Flying Fairy | Chaugmar Boss Help?
Hello everyone! I'm in dire need of some help with this game and I hope any of you could please aid me in my plea. So far I am in Chapter 3 of the game, so please, do not post spoiling content regarding anything I do not ask, thank you Laugh

Right now I am at the Fire Temple and need to defeat the boss that is clouding the crystal, Chaugmar. So far I have been unsuccessful in defeating the blasted demon and have no idea whatsoever what to do. The only information I have gathered online is that his weakness is lightning and that every certain amount of turns, he does this party destroying explosion and returns to his primary state, like in the beginning of the battle.. then all over again. I have been having problems building a tactic to time his explosion perfectly and default, to save myself from it. I'm uncertain of how many times I should Brave while he has his purple sphere/guard down and when to time the explosion perfectly. Not only that, I don't know what kind of jobs would be ideal for my characters. I read that Edea should be a Valkyrie or White Mage, Ringabel a Spell Fencer or Black Mage, Tiz a Monk and I'm not so sure about Agnés.

To wrap this all up, I have committed the grave error of putting my whole team with the Thief job throughout the story, as I loved the outfits (superficial, hah) and the far range weapons.

My character's levels are:

- Edea 45 with lvl 11 Thief, lvl 3 Knight, lvl 6 Freelancer
- Tiz 45 with lvl 11 Thief, lvl 2 Knight, lvl 2 Black Mage, lvl 6 Monk, lvl 6 Freelancer
- Agnés 45 with lvl 11 Thief, lvl 9 White Mage, lvl 7 Freelancer
- Ringabel 45 with lvl 9 Thief, lvl 6 Spell Fencer, lvl 7 Freelancer

Other than the boss Chaugmar problem, I would also like some help as to where to find Potion X, a really good place for grinding levels (only places obviously accessible up until Chapter 3), how to open the blue chests and where to find/purchase the highest weapons and who to equip them with.

Anyone who can help me with this will have my infinite gratitude, for what it's worth! Grin
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