Gaming Visuals

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Posted 8:51pm on Mon 12 August 2013
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Gaming Visuals
So we all know gaming has changed visually since it began long long ago. Technology evolves and so do game visuals.

My question is what is your favourite art style in a game and how important have graphics become to your purchase choice?

Personally I love imaginative, bright colourfu,l art styles. Such as Mario and Luigi Dream Team and The Wind Waker. Nintendo Land has some interesting graphical styles. HD is really making Nintendos Art style shine. I would love to see Mario Galaxy in HD

I can appreciate realistic styles like The Last of Us and Uncharted as well. However what I can't deal with is bland art styles. Flat textures and lazy artwork, even games like GTAIV. It looks so drab and grey that I just can't bring myself to play it any more.

So what do you think?

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