harvest moon cheats

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Posted 5:45pm on Mon 17 August 2009
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harvest moon cheats
this is were you can post cheats for any harvest moon game evr!
Posted 4:13am on Tue 3 November 2009
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this is were you can post cheats for any harvest moon game evr!

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(For Harvest Moon DS cute)

Max Gold
023b9b88 3b9ac9ff

Watering Can Always Full
223c104e 000000ff

Animal Care: Max Score
123a6ae6 0000752f


Infinite Lumber
123bb4b4 0000270f

Infinite Stone Material
123bb4b6 0000270f

Infinite Gold Lumber
123bb4b8 0000270f

Infinite Bird Feed
123bb4bc 0000270f

Infinite Fodder
123bb4ba 0000270f


0 Steps Taken
023c1058 00000000

Quick Step Gain
223c1058 000000ff

Super Fast Step Gain
123c1058 0000ffff

Max Steps Taken
023c1058 ee6b2800


Standard Rucksack
223c104c 00000000

Upgraded Rucksack
223c104c 00000001

Super Rucksack
223c104c 00000002


Press SELECT+R for Rain
94000130 fefb0000
223b9b80 00000001
d2000000 00000000

Press SELECT+L for Sun
94000130 fdfb0000
223b9b80 00000000
d2000000 00000000


R+UP = Fast Forward Time
94000130 febf0000
d3000000 023b9b7c
d9000000 00000000
d4000000 00000020
d6000000 00000000
d2000000 00000000

R+DOWN = Rewind Time
94000130 fe7f0000
d3000000 023b9b7c
d9000000 00000000
d4000000 ffffffdf
d6000000 00000000
d2000000 00000000

Do not use until AFTER building is placed!

L+R = Instant Builds
a23c0fbc 00000000
94000130 0000fcff
223c0fbf 00000001
d2000000 00000000
Do not use until AFTER building is placed!
Flora's FP Max
223BF024 000000FF

Galen's FP Max
223BF114 000000FF

Cody's FP Max
223BF18C 000000FF

Patrick's FP Max
223BF254 000000FF

Kassey's FP Max
223BF22C 000000FF

Murrey's FP Max
223BF27C 000000FF

Ruby's FP Max
223BF09C 000000FF

Dr. Hardy's FP Max
223BF0EC 000000FF

Nina's FP Max
223BF13C 000000FF

Daryl's FP Max
223BF164 000000FF

Vesta's FP Max
223BF04C 000000FF

Nami's FP Max
223BEE94 000000FF

Takakura's FP Max
223BF2A4 000000FF

Celia's FP Max
223BEE44 000000FF

Wally's FP Max
223BEF34 000000FF

Chris' FP Max
223BEF5C 000000FF

Hugh's FP Max
223BEFD4 000000FF

Grant's FP Max
223BEF84 000000FF

Van's FP Max
223BF204 000000FF

Romana's FP Max
223BEEBC 000000FF

Sebastian's FP Max
223BEEE4 000000FF

Witch Princess' FP/AP Max
223BF5EC 000000FF
123BF5F0 0000FFFF

Leia's FP/AP Max
223BF59C 000000FF
123BF5A0 0000FFFF

Harvest Goddess' FP/AP Max
223BF4FC 000000FF
123BF500 0000FFFF

Keira's FP/AP Max
223BF5C4 000000FF
123BF5C8 0000FFFF

Trent Affection/Friend
223BF4AC 000000FF
123BF4B0 0000FFFF

Gray Affection/Friend
223BF4D4 000000FF
123BF4D8 0000FFFF

Cliff Affection/Friend
223BF45C 000000FF
123BF460 0000FFFF

Rick Affection/Friend
223BF484 000000FF
123BF488 0000FFFF

Kai Affection/Friend
223BF434 000000FF
123BF438 0000FFFF

Carter's FP/AP Max
223BEFFC 000000FF
123BF000 0000FFFF

Marlin's FP/AP Max
223BF074 000000FF
123BF078 0000FFFF

Rock's FP/AP Max
223BF0C4 000000FF
123BF0C8 0000FFFF

Gustafa's FP/AP Max
223BF1B4 000000FF
123BF1B8 0000FFFF

Griffin's FP/AP Max
223BF1DC 000000FF
123BF1E0 0000FFFF

Skye's FP/AP Max
223BF614 000000FF
123BF618 0000FFFF

Kai's FP/AP Max
223BF434 00000FF
123BF438 000FFFF


Muffy's FP Max
223BEE6C 000000FF

Lumina's FP Max
223BEF0C 000000FF

Kate's FP Max
223BEFAC 000000FF

Level up (each time you use the milker/shears, they level up)

Nearly Max Skill & Max Affection (Dog)
223BFA8B 00000004
223BFA9B 000000FE

Need Help on finding the cheats for the cat...
And animals, & horse. Smile
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