Phantasy Star Universe PC/PS2 servers shutting.

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Posted 11:01am on Fri 22 January 2010
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Phantasy Star Universe PC/PS2 servers shutting.
Sega are pulling the plug on the PC and PS2 servers for Phantasy Star Universe on 31st March 2010.

You can read the announcement here.

Support for the 360 version will remain ongoing.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but if Sega had put the PS2 servers in with the 360 in the first place and let the PC version wallow in its own exploitable glitchfest since launch then this announcement wouldn't have upset so many people.

And if they'd had the infrastructure set up correctly in the first place to deal with exploitable glitches on the 360 version more effectively and released new content more timely, more people would probably be playing it.

My overall feeling from my PSU 360 experience is that I'll think twice before investing in any Sega run MMO again, I just hope they've learned their lessons from this project and apply them to whatever next iteration of the Phantasy Star series they have planned.
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