Unreal Tournament 2004 CTF REVIVAL

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Posted 3:09am on Wed 11 August 2010
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Unreal Tournament 2004 CTF REVIVAL
Attention Attention!

If you have ever played Unreal Tournament 2004 CTF and enjoyed it, This message is for you.


The Unreal series is in horrible shape, why? This game has more than enough fun and excitement to keep it alive. There is a large lack of anyone reaching out to old players to come back, so I will make the first moves.
This is not about supporting a company, this is about bringing something amazing back to life. If you know of someone that has played this before, talked about unreal at all, pass this on to them they may be very interested.

Never played UT2004 CTF Before? Here is the best example.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Community Sites

Unreal Tournament 2004 mIRC

Revisit. Relive. Revive. Unreal Tournament 2004 CTF
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