Forum Rules

Primary Rules

  • No Trolling - Do not post comments in threads with the sole purpose to cause an argument. You are free to express your opinion on a matter, but this is not the place to abuse anyone who doesn't have the same opinion as you. Repeat trolling will result in a ban.
  • No Abusive Posts - Be nice to each other. Anyone who is found to be abusive to another member will be banned at the Moderators' discretion.
  • No Obscenity - This is a family friendly forum - do not post any obscene messages or pictures, including pornography. Doing so may result in an instant ban.
  • No Commercial Posts without prior authorisation.
  • No Impersonation of Other Users.
  • No All Caps - This is seen as rude. Please don't do it.
  • No Excessive Bumping - If people want to reply to your thread they will do. Please don't post repeatedly in your own thread to bump it. You may make a bumping post if 24 hours has past and your topic has received no reply.
  • No Large Pictures in Signatures - A few words are fine, or an image no greater than 550x75 pixels in size.
  • No Off-topic Links to Personal Websites without prior authorisation.

Rules of Conduct

  • Treat Fellow Posters with Respect and Courtesy - Always.
  • No Piracy - No discussion of how to illegally obtain copyrighted material or links to websites promoting subversion of copyright.
  • No Posting of Personal Contact Information - For your safety, no public posting of any personal contact information is permitted.
  • No Flaming or posting of material intended to start a flame war.
  • Spoilers Must be Clearly Indicated on thread titles - if you have to post a spoiler, do it within the post making use of the spoiler tags:
    e.g [spoiler]Level 3 Solution[/spoiler]

Non-Compliance to Rules

A three strike system is in effect for any user failing to fully comply with the rules:

First Offence: A warning.
Second Offence: Individual forum or forum-wide suspension.
Third Offence: A permanent site-wide ban.

In servere cases the offender may be banned before making 3 offences.

If you have a problem with any particular user(s), send a PM to one of the moderators and they will look into the problem. Please do not contact moderators or staff about petty squabbles.

Bargain Forum Rules

All posts made within the Bargain Forum must adhere to the following rules.

Keep it legal - All bargains posted must be legal and fall within the terms and conditions of the both the company offering the deal and the Forums. Any fraudulent activity involving the Forums in any way will not be tolerated. We will report such activity to the relevant authorities and to the companies affected, and assist them fully with their investigations.

Full terms and conditions must be included with voucher postings. - If you do not know the terms and conditions, do not post the voucher or imply as to how or where it can be found. Voucher codes marketed directly to yourself or marked as non-transferable must not be posted.

Do not post affiliate or referral links belonging to yourself or other websites.

Keep bargains public - Do not request or offer information via email that cannot be posted so as to circumvent these rules or the standard terms and conditions.

No requests - The Bargain Forum is not for requesting bargains. Any such questions should be posted in the Suppliers Forum.

These terms and conditions run in addition to the standard forum rules of the Forums. By posting you agree to them.

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